Energy independence is within your reach!

Grid Be Gone offers a range of carefully selected products that will help you move towards energy independence and greener living.

Based in New England – where energy costs are high, temperatures fluctuate drastically, and storms can knock out the power grid for days – we know how to develop a green living solution for you.

Contact us with questions – we’re here to help you become more self-sufficient, and enjoy stable, dependable green living.

Featured products

FRONIUS Galvo 2.5-1


SAMLEX IDC-100B-12, Converter


Trojan 8D-AGM Dual Purpose Battery

ELIGIBLE FOR FREE SHIPPING; SEE DETAILS.** Whatever your passion nothing brings you closer to the great outdoors than enjoying it from your favorite boat or RV. To ensure a day of fun in the sun, reliable batteries are the heart to powering your boating and RV activities. Since 1925, Trojan Battery has engineered the world’s most reliable, long-lasting, deep-cycle batteries specifically designed to meet the demands of the avid RV'er and recreational boater. Trojan offers the broadest portfolio of recreational batteries to meet your specific house power and starting applications.