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IOTA’s DLS Series Battery Chargers and Power Converters provide reliable AC/DC power conversion for a variety of application needs. With a record of proven performance throughout several industries, the IOTA DLS Series is the AC/DC power solution of choice for a number of professional and recreational users. Whether it’s maintaining your system’s batteries or operating a DC load from an AC supply, the DLS Series product line offers chargers and converters that will meet the standards your application requires.



Use the DLS Series Battery Charger for safe, dependable battery charging. Select between a normal charging voltage or a ‘stepped-up’ bulk charge for faster charging.

Inserting the optional IOTA IQ4 Charge Controller into the Dual Voltage Jack enables the charger to deliver four-stage charging that keeps your battery in working order when not in regular use.



Use the DLS to operate your DC load directly from the AC supply. The exceptionally clean DC output of the DLS Series converter promotes longer life for any connected load and virtually eliminates AC ripple that can cause static or premature failure of radio or television equipment. Operating quietly and efficiently, the IOTA DLS supplies only what is required by the load. When no load is present, the DLS output voltage drops so that the unit is essentially off, reducing electricity usage.

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IOTA DLS-27-25 Battery Charger

DLS multi-stage chargers ensure that deep cycle batteries are charged quickly and efficiently. Jumper allows charge voltage to be changed to 27.2V or 28.4V. Can also be used as a power supply.